Wednesday 13.10.

Source:  <a href="">Ginestra Film</a>


Opening Screening

Aboli’s Journey

Directed by Yasaman Sharifsmanesh

2021, Sweden

59 min

Language: Dari, Swedish

English Subtitles


Abolfazl arrived in Sweden as an asylum seeker three years ago as a 17-year-old. He
learned Swedish and found work. One day, Abolfazi is returned to Kabul, where he has never been and knows no-one. Born and raised in Iran, he speaks the language with a foreign accent. This documentary film depicts the endless bureaucracy that determines the lives of Abofazl and many other refugees. It tells the story of young refugees have made a long and dangerous journey, learned the language of the new country, grown roots, found a home and peace, and want to work - but are still not allowed to stay.


-Hakim Jafari


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Source:  <a href="">Aloest Productions</a>


9 Days in Raqqa

Directed by Xavier de Lausanne

2020, France

1 h 28 min

Language: Arabic, Kurdish, French

English Subtitles

9 Days in Raqqa (directed by Xavier de Lausanne) tells the unexpected story of a Syria Kurdish engineer. At the age of 30, Leila Mustapha became mayor of the war-torn Raqqa. In the ruins of an increasingly dangerous city, he says he thought it was possible for him to choose whether to allow the devastation to turn into despair or make it a driving force for reconstruction. The documentary shows the choice of Mustapha in its cruel context. This documentary, which was successful at the Cannes Film Festival, contains shocking footage, so it cannot be recommended to children or the most sensitive.


-Sanna Valtonen


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Source:  <a href="">Oscilloscope Laboratories</a>


Midnight traveler

Directed by Hassan Fazili

86 min, Documentary

2019, USA, Afganistan

Language: Dari

Finnish Subtitles

“Bye bye! Don’t forget this beautiful city, because it’s so pretty.” 

The Afghan film-maker Hassan Fazili gets persecuted by the Taliban and is forced to flee the country and seek asylum with his wife and two daughters. Through the footage from three mobile phones, Fazili captures every part of the way and from a point of view that is often forgotten. 

In the genre bending Midnight Traveler, the viewer follows a dangerous and moving journey for safety through the Fazili family’s eyes. In a world full of broadcasting and information, the documentary gives a personal humanising portrait of the modern refugee crisis.  

The documentation shows the risks and obstacles a migrant family encounters and strengthens the intimacy by giving focus to diverse and delicate moments. The viewer takes part along with the family and everything they go through, from happiness to sadness, laughter and frustration, love and danger.

-Antonia Atarah


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Thursday 14.10.



Short Film Screening


The Affected

Directed by Rikke Gregersen

13 min, 2020

Language: Norwegian

In protest of the deportation of a man on the same flight, an airplane passenger refuses to sit down, causing the take-off to be delayed.


Calling Ukraine

Directed by Jean Counet

12 min, 2015

Language: Russian

English Subtitles

In “Calling Ukraine” Jean Counet presents a very minimalistic yet effective snapshot of everyday reality for grandmother Irina in Latvia, and her sister, daughter and granddaughter in war-torn Eastern Ukraine. The camera doesn't move, faithfully performing the task of upfront documentation of miniscule movements on Irina’s face as she hears what her family members go through daily, in their adaptation to living in the war-zone.

The images of Irina’s daughter and granddaughter are dark and blurry, yet it is from the

daughter of Irina, who is a mother herself, that we hear resilience fueled by the wish to shield her children from the traumatic reality of the war.

-Roxana Sadvo


16 min, 2017

Directed by Reber Dosky

Language: Kurdish

English Subtitles

Meryem is a story about happiness; even though the mise-en-scène is of real war, decay,

demolition, and decomposition. This is not an ordinary individual happiness but a

collective, emancipatory, liberatory happiness of being part of history taking place right

now. This is the story of hope of Meryem and thousands of other Kurdish female activists

who do not only emancipate from hundreds of years of chauvinistic shackles but also from

oppressive forms of state, nationhood, and economy.


The dramatic, and contemporary, aspect of this emancipation happened in the most

inconceivably difficult situation. If Baudelaire was right that modern art “should be partial,

passionate, and political, thus made from an exclusive point of view, but a point of view that

opens up the widest horizons”, then Meryem should be included in its canon.


Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl) 

Directed by Carol Dysinger

39 min, 2019 

Language: Dari

English Subtitles

Courage, writing, math and skateboarding are some of what young girls are taught in war-torn Afghanistan.

At the school, Skateistan, the girls learn how to skate in a story told in chapters, each chapter about a new skating challenge. Parallel to these challenges, many of the girls are facing different obstacles which both they and their teacher are eager to set aside when they're on the skateboard.

Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl) is a film loyal to its title, yet its title holds many contrasts that make the heart giggle and the mind ruminate. It holds within it courage, writing, math and lots of skateboarding.

2020 the film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

-Shahi Derky


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Kuva: Abdulrazaq Al-Jewari
Kuva: Abdulrazaq Al-Jewari


In Their Own Words ‐ Screening

Duration around 2h

In Their Own Words is a series of short films by filmmakers from refugee backgrounds.


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It's a Match

Mustafa Kamil:

It’s a Match

Duration: 19 min

Language: Finnish, English

The Asylum decision of these holy men is negative. How they will survive in Finland when no one even seems to remember who they are?

تطابق  فلم قصير !  قرار لجوء هؤلاء الرجال المقدسين سلبي.  كيف سيعيشون في فنلندا بينما لا يبدو أن أحدًا يتذكر من هم؟


Vuoden aurinko

Rasoul Khorram:

Vuoden aurinko

Duration: 13 min

Language: Finnish, Kurdish

Finnish Subtitles


Vuoden aurinko on maahanmuuttajan tarina. Heidän toinen jalkansa on syntymämaassa ja alkuperäisen maan poliittinen tilanne vaikuttaa heidän arkeensa Suomessakin. 

خۆری ساڵ بەسەرھاتی ئەو پەنابەرانەیە کە قاچێکیان لە فینلەندە و قاچی تریان لە وڵاتی دایک! ئەوان لە ژێر شەپۆلەکانی دۆخی سیاسی ئەو وڵاتی لێی لە دایک بوونە، خەریک تێپەر کردنی ژیانن لە فینلەند.


Rahmat Khawari:

I have a Question

Duration: 7 min

Language: Finnish


Tämän lyhytelokuvan on tuottanut Rahmat Khaväri Zabih Rahimin avustuksella Oulussa.  Näyttelijä ja näyttelijätär ovat Milad Khawari ja Zahra Khawari. Tässä lyhytelokuvassa yritimme sisällyttää useita viestejä, kuten mm. opettaa lapsille, miten he voivat auttaa muita ketkä ovat avun tarpeella. Myös lapset kysyvät toisesta kotimaasta esimerkiksi miksi jotkut perheenjäsenet, kuten  isovanhemmat ovat toisessa kotimaassa (Afganistanissa) ja miksi me olemme täällä Suomessa?


( I have a Question?) ?فیلم کوتاه تحت عنوان 

این فیلم کوتاه توسط رحمت خاوری با کمک آقای ذبیح رحیمی در شهر اولو با نقش آفرینی زهرا خاوری و میلاد خاوری  ساخته و تهیه شده است،  ما تلاش کردیم تا در این فیلم کوتاه چندین پیام را بگنجانیم از جمله یاد دادن به بچه‌ها که چطور با کسانیکه نیازمند کمک هستند را کمک کنند و همچنان پرسش در مورد کشور اول و کشور دوم اش که چرا بعضی از عضو فامیل به مانند پدر بزرگ و مادر بزرگ در افغانستان هستند ما در اینجا؟

Aimal Hakimi:

Unspoken conversation

Duration: 6 minutes

Language: Finnish / Dari

Subtitles: English

Produced by HiCH Ry

In Collaboration with KOTImajoitusverkosto


Unspoken conversation is a film based on home accommodation between a Finnish person who has been volunteering helping others in any possible way  and an Afghan person who has experienced the difficulties of challenging with a completely new society/people/cultures and daily life, after they meet and. being friends for awhile, they decide to live together where both could help each other special the Afghan boy who could get more help for understanding by experiencing, this film shows only a small part of their daily lives which they usually had not talked about yet to each other.


Aimal Hakimi:

Permanent Visitor

Duration: 6 minutes

Language: Finnish / Dari

Subtitles: English

Produced by KOTImajoitusverkosto


Sharif is a boxer who has lived years in accommodation and fighting for his future. In this film we see whats are the real life experiences of both a young guy and a Finnish family with completely different cultures and way of living.


Branches of life

Camoo Rashedpoor

Branches of life 

Duration: 15 min

Language: Hawrami, Finnish, Farsi


A short section on the lives of foreign women with the background of patriarchal societies and it’s impact on their today lives in Finland.


Abdulrazaq Al-Jewari:

The Fish

Duration: 15 min

Languages: Arabic

Finnish Subtitles

Dokumenttielokuva kertoo vapautensa menettäneestä maahan muuttaneesta, jolla on kotonaan kaloja, joita hän rakastaa yli kaiken. Kun kotimaan poliittiset tapahtumat koskettavat häntä, hän alkaa taistella vapauden puolesta, mutta samalla huomaakin oman kaksinaamaisuutensa. Tekeeköhän päätöksiä, jotka vaikuttavat hänen ja kalojen elämään?


فيلم وثائقي يتحدث عن شخص مغترب عاجز وفاقد للحريه يمتلك سمكة في بيته يحبها كثيرا وبعد تآثير الاحداث السياسيه في بلده الام عليه يدخل في صراع في معنى مفهوم الحرية يلاحظ ازدواجيته هل سيتخذ قرارات تؤثر على حياته وحياة السمكه معًا ؟


Hassan Alssaleh:


Duration: 15 min

Language: Arabic, Finnish



After 30 years working in theater and television, I left the crowd cage

to search for myself and the meaning of my humanitarian  existence, the

other is me, so today I work on building bridges between cultures

through art, art is the safe place where we can hear new ideas  We say

our thoughts freely.


The Film:

In the summer cottage Ramy meets up with a group of  artists , they

treat him with kindness and love, love helps him to express what  inside

him of pain,love is what he needs to be able to express his hidden

feelings, and love turns Rami's pain into hope.


The idea:

Art is a bridge of love that we cross back and forward from one bank to

another, it is the flame of love that is fading in one heart to glow

again in another one .




بعد 30 سنة من العمل في المسرح والتلفزيون، خرجت من القفص الجماعي لأبحث عن نفسي وعن معني وجودي الإنساني، الآخر هو أنا، لذلك أعمل اليوم على بناء الجسور بين الثقافات من خلال الفن، الفن هو المكان الآمن الذي يمكننا فيه أن نسمع الأفكار الجديدة ونقول أفكارنا بكل حرية.




في البيت الصيفي يلتقي رامي بمجموعة تعمل في الفن، يتعاملون معه بلطف ومحبة، يساعده الحب على التعبير عما يجول في داخله من آلام، الحب هو ما يحتاجه ليستطيع التعبير عن مشاعره الدفينة، والحب يحول آلام رامي إلى أمل. 




الفن جسر من المحبة نعبره ذهاباً وإياباً من ضفة إلى أخرى، إنه شعلة الحب التي تنطفأ في قلب لتتوهج ثانية في قلب آخر.

Friday 15.10.

Said Reza Adib - reporter 2


Coronavirus crisis

Directed by Reza Adib

2020, BBC Panorama

29 min

Language: English, Dari

English Subtitles

Coronavirus crisis is a documentary film made by an afghan film maker Reza Adib to BBC Panorama. It’s a film about spring 2020 at the refugee camps in Greece when coronavirus started to spread and finally reached also the camps.  Reza Adib lived in Malakasa camp with his family and he documented the life in the camps, besides Malakasa Ritsona camp and Moria camp. He witnessed the frustration, growing worries and fear of the camp inhabitants. The directions about social distance and hand hygiene were absurd joke in a camp where hundreds of people used one water point and the tents needed to be side by side. Reza Adib was a contact person between the inhabitants and the camp officials and he saw people getting more and more uncertain and finally angry in the middle of the chaos. 

Although coronacrisis is hopefully little by little over and some of the camps have been abolished

the documentary is a strong testimony about the problems of the European refugee policy. It captures the irresolution of the officials in the middle of a new crisis, an unknown virus when they hadn’t been able to solve even the earlier problems of the camps in a way that would have respected humanity.

Reza Adib now lives Finland with is family and he will participate the screening. 

-Anna Korhonen




Directed by Hashim Didari

7 min

Language: Dari

English Subtitles


Before Coronavirus crisis we will show a shortfilm Bakery by an afghan film maker Hashim Didari.

Bakery is a short documentary that illustrates the traditional Afghan method of making bread. It is a story about Afghan people who work for their own life and for peace. The human desire to build a better life, to love and to survive thrive even in the midst of war.


Tickets can be bought here.

Death, dictate silence, Hafiz Hossaini, Photo, Fredrik Fridlund4


Death, dictates silence

Directed by Javid Sina

Sweden 2021

15 min

Language: Dari

English Subtitles


Two Afghan refugee siblings are separated in different parts of the world. The impossibility to meet in person due to the pandemic, forces them to share their grief of their mother’s death in diaspora, through an online call. In their grief, long-kept secrets unfold and threatens their relation to tip over into hatred and guilt.


Source:  <a href="">Noori Pictures</a>

Hava, Maryam, Ayesha

Directed by Sahraa Karimi

2019, Afganistan

86 min.

Language: Dari

English Subtitles

Hava, Maryam and Aisha is directed by Sahraa Karimi. Shot on location in Kabul, it has an all-Afghan cast.

Sahraa Karimi studied both documentary and feature film directing in Slovakia. The first and only woman to have a doctorate in filmmaking in Afghanistan, Sahraa Karimi was the head of the Afghan Film Organization.

Hava, Maryam and Aisha narrates the lives of three Afghan women in different stages of life. They are all struggling.

The film is an eloquent portrayal of the situation of women in patriarchal Afghan society, where women are accepted only as the weaker sex, whether illiterate, a housewife or educated as personified by the three protagonists. 

That women are indeed the second sex is glaringly obvious in the film. A woman must be infinitely patient, and if she rebels, life will only become harder for her. That is the fate of perhaps the majority of Afghan women – to accept their position and endure a life that is against their will.

Every Afghan woman who watches this film will find that it resonates with their own situation, worries, sorrows and problems.

In beautiful images, the film captures the life of Afghan women and ends with a beautiful song.

-Marzia Gholami

After the screening discussion about the current situation of women in Afghanistan. Arezo Ariapoor who portrays the main character of the preceding films, chair of the board of Academy of Finland- Afghanistan Tahmine Mehr and documentary film-maker Reza Adlib will participate in the discussion.

The discussion is moderated by journalist and director Kirsi Mattila.


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Source: Beijing Medoc Film


A First Farewell

Di yi ci li bie

Directed by Lina Wang

2018, China

Language: Uighur, Mandarin

English Subtitles

Directed by Lina Wang, A First Farewell (2018) is poetic and beautiful, an ode to the director’s hometown, Shaya, but it is also based on a true and heart-breaking story about about a child who is deprived of his child-like games in the face of a greater tragedy. The landscape of Shaya is largely dominated by the Taklimakan Desert, on the edge of which vegetation ranges from lush poplar forests to dry desert land. The ethereally beautiful film gains dramatic contrast from a depiction of the attachment of an Uighur child name Isa (Isa Yasan) to his mother, home and friends, and having to bid farewell to them; in the end, the film is not about a goodbye but about a child who has been forced to grow up too soon in rural East Turkestan. 


As a result of an accident, Isa’s mother is bedridden, and has been for a long time already. Isa takes care of the home, helps his father (Yasan Kamisu) and his brother (Musa Yasan) to grow corn and take care of the animals, among which a lamb has become particularly dear to him. In his free time, Isa plays with his friend Kalbinur (Kalbinur Rahmati) and his brother (Alinaz Rahmati), their childlike pastimes set against a rugged and impressive landscape. The film shows the lifestyle and marking of religious celebrations of the Uighurs that are forbidden today under threat of imprisonment. 


In the story, Isa and Kalbinur try to study Mandarin Chinese, and the importance of learning the language for success in life is particularly emphasised. Nevertheless, in its aim to portray a childhood in the countryside, carefree and playful, A First Farewell succeeds perfectly. 


-Pazilaiti Simayijiang


Tickets can be bought here.

Source:  Carole Bethuel


Ending Screening

It Must Be Heaven

Directed by Elia Suleiman

1 h 37 min / Komedia / Draama

2019, France, Qatar, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Palestine

Language: French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew

English Subtitles

It Must Be Heaven is Palestinian director Elia Suleiman's wry tragicomedy. In it Suleiman plays himself, appearing as a mute observer to both casual everyday violence and the poetry of the ordinary. In reaction to all that he witnesses, the Suleiman character merely raises his eyebrows, pretends not to be there, or walks away. The film is structured around a loose plot which involves a journey around the globe in search of funding for a movie. Leaving the absurdities of life in Palestine, Suleiman flies to Paris and New York to pitch his film project, but poignantly encounters the violence familiar from life in Palestine wherever he goes. The film is built of a series of comic vignettes, choreographies and visual gags. Among these is a scene where two soldiers trade sunglasses in a car until the camera pans to a blindfolded woman in the backseat. In another, the scene of a chase has five police officers dancing as they try to catch a runaway angel. Palestine is present in Suleiman's encounters with people. At an art gallery, Suleiman is introduced as "doing a comedy right now, about peace in the Middle East." The response comes, "That's funny already."


This visually magnificent film closes this year’s Refugee Film Festival.


-Minna Järvenpää


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