RFF offers a varied selection of movies exploring the subject of refugees from multiple points of views. 

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Thursday 31.10

Humanity on Trial

Thursday 31.10 16:00
Opening movie
Directed by Jonas Bruun
1h 12 min
Languages: Danish, Arabic, English
English subtitles


The Nordisk Panorama audience award winner Humanity on Trial directed by Jonas Bruun opens the 2019 Refugee Film Festival. The movie is a halting depiction of the criminalization of aid work in Europe.


The body of a dead child on a Greek beach doesn’t leave Danish Salam Aldeen alone. He decides to help other refugees, children and families, and travels to Greece. He ends up founding an aid organization on Lesbos. Salam works tirelessly for months and saves countless lives. In January 2019 he and 4 other search and rescue volunteers are arrested for human smuggling. Salam who is the captain of the search and rescue boat is ordered to stay in Greece until the end of the trial. He stays in the country and continues helping refugees, unsure about his future.


Upcoming trial in May 2018 is worrying him: Will Salam be forced to spend the rest of his life in a Greek prison? The movie follows Salam’s journey and ponders what is happening to our European values and the justice system in light of the current refugee crisis. Salam is being charged in the birthplace of democratic values.


After the movie, there will be an open discussion. Salam Aldeen is flying here straight from Lesbos for the opening night and will participate in the discussion.

A Woman Captured

Thursday 31.10. 18:00
Directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
1h 29 min
Language: Hungarian
English subtitles


A movie about modern slavery and its mechanisms of actions. A bold and vulnerable story of a woman working for a Hungarian family as a maid in a prison-like environment.

For Sama

Thursday 31.10. 20:00
Directed by Waad Al Kateab and Edward Watts
1h 40 min
Language: Arabic
English subtitles


Filmed in besieged Aleppo, For Sama is a shocking, moving and even beautiful depiction of war, idealism, and revolutionary dream.

Friday 1.11.

Lost and found

Friday 1.11. 14:00
Produced by UNHCR & National Geography
20 min
Language: Rohingya
English subtitles


A movie filmed in Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh where a man is trying to connect parents and children who have separated from each other.


Free admission!

Short Films I

Friday 1.11. 15:30

Omin sanoin – In Their Own Words

Friday 1.11. 17:30

Tales from new filmmakers. The series is a special part of Refugee Film Festival. It only consists of short films by filmmakers from refugee backgrounds.

Human Flow

Friday 1.11. 20:00
Directed by Ai Weiwei
2 h 20 min
Main language: English
Finnish subtitles


The world-famous artist’s visually incredible depiction of modern migration of peoples.

Saturday 2.11.

Children’s Movie: Onneli and Anneli’s Winter

Saturday 2.11. 11:00
Directed by Saara Cantell
1h 20 min
Language: Finnish


Best friends Onneli and Anneli are two perfectly ordinary but very happy and lucky little girls who get to live in a house all by themselves. One December evening, a very tiny car, no bigger than a shoebox, turns up at their house. It’s the Vaaksanheimo family, who were made homeless when the tree they were living in was cut down. Onneli and Anneli invite them to take shelter in their dollhouse but it soon turns out that adults have another idea.

A modern story tale about being an outsider and displaced.
Free admission!

Chile 1973 – Act I

Invisible Heroes Part II

Directed by Mika Kurvinen and Alicia Scherson
48 min


A Prix Europa winning series tells a story about Finnish diplomats who save human lives during the revolution in Chile. The series is a Finnish-Chilean co-production and based on true events.


Free admission!

Two Years in Finland

Directed by Angelina Vasquez
28 min
Language: Spanish
Finnish subtitles


Chilean refugees’ thoughts about life in their new home country, Finland, in the year 1975.


Free admission!

Chile 1973 – Act II

Battle of Chile part II: Coup d’état

Saturday 2.11. 15:00
Directed by Patricio Guzman
1 h 28 min
Language: Spanish
English subtitles


A classic documentary about the Chilean coup d’état. Guzman himself was imprisoned at a sport’s stadium as a young filmmaker. The documentary series comprises of three parts. We will be showing the second part focusing on the coup itself.

Short Films II

Saturday 2.11. 17:00

Tiny Souls

Saturday 2.11. 20:00
Directed by Dina Naser
1h 26 min
Languages: Arabic
English subtitles


A loving and lovable depiction of young Syrian sisters in a refugee camp in Jordan is the last movie of the 2019 Refugee Film Festival.